Skincare Don’ts By Dermatologists

Dermatologists share seven things that they will never do.

From The Experts

They are a type 1 carcinogen that can increase the risk of fatal melanoma.

Get Into A Tanning Bed

Wear sunscreen even indoors since it protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

Skip Sunscreen

Getting injectable treatments from providers who aren’t specialists may result in a botched job, even if you save a few bucks.

Choose Discount Over Skill

Polysporin or Neosporin may cause allergic reactions, and Vaseline is enough to heal minor wounds.

Use Neosporin

Dermatologists suggest going for prescribed antibiotics like Bactroban.

Not Take Antibiotics For Serious Infections

Always clean your face of makeup, oil, and dirt before sleeping.

Sleep With Makeup On

Always exfoliate your skin gently to avoid a damaged skin barrier and breakouts.

Scrub Too Hard