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5 Tips To Rock The No-Makeup Look

Why Aim For No-Makeup Look?

People go for no-makeup looks for several occasions, be it casual outings or zoom calls.

Is It Really A No-Makeup Approach?

Not exactly. It is a subtle makeup approach that ensures your makeup doesn’t look dramatic or cakey.

How To Achieve The Look?

Swipe next to read 5 tips to achieve a flawless no-makeup look.

#1 Prepare Your Skin For Makeup

Hydrate your skin well with a moisturizer, and then also apply a primer so that the foundation blends in well.

#2 Use Liquid Concealer

A liquid concealer blends in well with your skin, not making it appear heavy.

#3 Pick The Right Mascara

Mascaras can make your eyelashes appear voluminous or long. Pick mascaras according to your lash volume, or length.

#4 Don’t Overdo Your Mascara Application

Applying multiple coats of mascara can make your lashes look sticky and sparse.

#5 Go Easy On Contouring

For less contouring, just mix a pinch of liquid contour to your foundation and dab it under the cheekbones well.

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