Ways To Remove Your Makeup Neatly.

Read on to know how to remove every last bit of makeup properly and thoroughly.

Makeup Remover Is Not Enough

Use a cotton pad or ball to wipe the surface makeup. You can use oil or petroleum jelly.

Start With A Wipe

The first round breaks down the makeup residue and the second cleansing exfoliates and cleanses neatly.

Do A Double-Cleanse

Use your serum or moisturizer to restore your skin’s moisture on bare skin.

Hydrate And Moisturize

Use coconut oil, crushed cucumber or milk to remove eye and face makeup. Natural is the way for you!

For Peeps  With Sensitive Skin

It not only helps remove hard makeup, but also ensures that the skin is clean and remains hydrated.

Micellar Water

It may be tiring to remove makeup at times, but always be gentle with your skin to avoid tissue damage.

Don’t Be Harsh

That’s the worst move as your skin can develop acne breakouts, and other skin damage like premature aging.

Never Go To Bed Without Removing Makeup

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