Common Causes For Hair Loss In Young Women

Hair loss refers to loss of hair from any part of the body, but mainly the head.

What Is Hair Loss?

Women can start losing hair as early as in their early twenties due to many factors.

Can You Start Losing Hair Early?

Reasons for hair loss are varied. Read on to know more.

What Causes Hair Loss In Young Women?

Stress can push hair into the ‘resting phase’ which results in them falling out over a period of time.


Crash dieting is not only perceived as stress by the body but also prevents your hair from getting the necessary nutrients it needs to grow.


Hair loss can be caused by imbalance of hormones such as thyroid hormones, pregnancy hormones etc.

Hormonal Changes And Imbalances

Certain drugs can lead to hair loss by interfering with the normal cycle of scalp hair growth.


Injury to the skin and scalp can also lead to hair loss

Physical Damage To Hair And Scalp

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To know about ways to treat hair loss