6 Tips For Healthy Scalp And Nourished Hair

A healthy scalp is a scalp that is free from flakes, redness or any other signs of infection.

What Is A Healthy Scalp?

Here are a few tips to take care of your scalp and get strong nourished hair.

How To Take Care Of Scalp

Avoiding products that contain sulfates, alcohols etc will help improve scalp health.

Go For Chemical-free Products

Scrubbing your scalp while applying oil or washing hair, can lead to hair damage.

Be Gentle

Eating oxidant rich foods prevent oxidative stress and improves scalp health.

Eat healthy

Scalp scrubs help remove excess skin cells, oil and dandruff leading to healthy hair.

Exfoliate Scalp

Washing hair too frequently rubs it off its sebum leading to dry itchy scalp.

Wash Less Often

Massaging the scalp gently helps dilate blood vessels which encourages hair growth.

Go For A Scalp Massage

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