How To Keep

Your Makeup Mask-Proof

Your Makeup Mask-Proof

Here are some smart tips to make your makeup transfer-proof.

Keep Your Makeup Intact Under That Mask.

Apply your serums, toners, and creams to perfect your base for makeup. Don’t forget to cleanse!

Do Your Regular Skincare

Use a lightweight water-based moisturizer that absorbs quickly.

Replace Your Regular Moisturizer

Primer creates a layer between your makeup and skin which reduces smudging and preserves your natural moisture.

Use A Primer

This will help prevent sweat from ruining your makeup and mask.

Use Longwear Or Water-resistant Foundation

The less product you use,the lesser the chances of damage.

Go For A Natural Or Nude Look

Use a brow gel to define your brows and experiment with defined eyes as it will stand out the most while wearing a mask.

Go Eye-heavy

This final step will keep your makeup in place as the layer will lock it properly.

Finish With A Setting Spray

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