5 Habits That Can Help Get Rid Of Pimples

Hair follicles clogged by sebum and dead skin cells lead to acne and pimples.

What Causes Pimples?

Poor skincare and dietary habits are the most common triggers for pimples.

What Are The Triggers?

Yes. Following healthy skin care habits can help get rid of pimples.

Can Healthy Habits Help?

Cleansing face twice daily with a mild cleanser helps get rid of excess oil, dirt and sebum.

Cleansing Face Twice Daily

Moisturizing regularly helps prevent oil secretion, which in turn reduces pimples.

Moisturizing Daily

Drinking lots of water helps the skin to stay hydrated, which in turn regulates sebum production.

Drinking Plenty Of Water

Using makeup to cover pimples can clog pores and trigger further breakouts.

Limiting Makeup

Frequent sun exposure dehydrates skin causing it to produce more sebum.

Limiting Sun Exposure

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