Gel Nail Extensions

A D-I-Y Guide To

Gel Nail Extensions

Applying your own gel nail extensions is worth the effort, with a lower budget than salons. 

Begin With Cleansing 

Shape nails evenly and make sure your nails and cuticles are hydrated.

Put Some Primer

Nail primer will act as a layer of protection against chemicals from your nail paint and more. 

Latch The Extension

Choose a nail extension of your size and fix the position neatly with the right amount of glue. 

Apply Nail Paint 

Begin with applying a slim coat of gel nail paint of your desired color on each nail. 

Dry With UV Lamp 

A UV Lamp not only dries natural paint faster but also ensures that the paint lasts longer. 

Second Coat

After its dries, apply another gel coat to set it completely. Use the UV Lamp again to fix it right.

Get Your Creativity On

Use a thin brush to paint an aesthetic design on it. Apply glitter or stones to glam it up if you like.

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