The Several Uses Of A Makeup Sponge

Think you need a thousand makeup brushes for every makeup step? Think again!

One Sponge For All Your Makeup Needs

From applying foundation to concealing those spots, these makeup sponges work like a pro.

Seamless Application

Use the small ones to hide redness in tight spaces.

Conceal Redness

Use the flat side of the sponge to apply the foundation evenly.

Smooth Foundation Base

Use the tip of the sponge to sharpen your cheekbones and forehead with a liquid highlighter or translucent powder. With the broad end, blend the lines in.


The tapered sponge helps you apply concealer under your eyes evenly.

Under Eye Makeup

Use the broad end of a sponge to hide your breakouts.

Hide Breakouts

Dry sponges give full coverage, while damp ones give a sheer finish.

Dry Or Damp?

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