Avoid For A Flawless Mane

 Common HairCare Mistakes You Should

Don't Wash Your Hair Everyday

A daily head wash will make your hair and scalp dry.

Don't Comb Damp Hair

This will lead to more hair breakage as the strands are weak when damp.

Use The Right Shampoo

Before buying a shampoo do your research regarding your hair type and texture. 

Never Tie Damp Hair

Tightening and pulling damp hair can cause traction alopecia or hair fall.

Don't Neglect Your Scalp

Make sure you deep cleanse your scalp to promote hair growth.

Research The Aftercare For Your Hair

This will help you stay ahead in the plan and be prepared.

Don't Apply Hair Masks On Scalp

Applying a hair mask on the scalp will cause oiliness and hair breakage.

Opt For A Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Sulfate shampoo strips natural oil from hair and scalp.

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