Beauty Benefits Of

Paan - A Hidden Pro-Skin/Hair Ingredient

Chewing paan may not be healthy, but it has effective skin and hair benefits.

Reduces Hair Loss

Grind some betel leaf paste into any hair oil and apply it to your scalp for stronger follicle grips. 

Cures Acne

Contains anti-fungal properties which lighten acne spots and prevent them from appearing. 

As A Bath Accessory

A bit of betel juice in your bath water and your body will be devoid of embarrassing odors.

A Natural Cleanser

Its potion can help get rid of all the deposited dirt and excessive oil from your skin. 

Soothes Irritated Skin

If you have redness or inflammation, boil some water with paan leaves to cool it down immediately. 

Cooling Face Mask 

Mix it with sandalwood or any natural paste and it will be a cooling summer-ready face mask. 

Mouth Freshener

Natural and fresh betel leaves help to get rid of stale mouth stench.

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