Secret To Healthy Hair And Skin

Source of Probiotics

Curd is a natural source of probiotics and lactic acid that helps nourish your hair and skin deeply.

Contains Alpha-Hydroxy Acid

Curd is a perfect source of Alpha-Hydroxy acid and is widely used in beauty products to soften skin.

The Perfect Cleanser

Curd is a perfect cleanser for people who complain about the flakey and dry skin and scalp.


Mixing a few drops of olive oil with curd gives your skin the nourishment and shine you have been craving.

Curd And Banana

If your hair gets frizzy after washing, applying a paste of banana and curd on your hair will help you smooth out the hair and keep it looking hydrated and shiny.

Besan And Curd

Applying besan and curd will heal your sunburns and keep your skin relaxed and supple.

Lightens Skin Tone

Curd helps you balance your skin tone and reduces any signs of blemishes and dark spots.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Having a bowl of curd every day will improve your digestion and cleanse your system against impurities and help prevent rashes.

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