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 Beauty Hacks For A

Supreme Lip Exfoliation

Save the bucks on lip scrubs. All you need is a soft-bristled toothbrush!

Vaseline To Make Perfume Linger 

Applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly in the places you will spray perfume, makes the fragrance stick longer. 

Skip Fuzzy Towels To Avoid Frizzy Hair

Reuse your old cotton tee to dry your strands. It’s soft and gentle on hair locks. 

Winged Eyes With A Spoon

Invert the spoon on your eyelid to draw the base of your perfect winged liner. 

Reboot Dried Mascara

Dip the mascara in a hot water mug for a couple of minutes to restore it back to normal. 

White Liner Base Before Eyeshadow

Do you see your eye shade looking dull? Apply two strokes of white liner first to make the color pop. 

Drying Foundation?

Don’t worry! Mix a pea-sized moisturizer with your foundation for a dewy finish. 

 Outline Lips

For a perfect cupid’s bow, use a liner to shape your lips, and then apply your lipstick.

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