Beautiful & Healthy

Ways To Keep Your Nails

Keep Your Nails Neat And Clean

Apply soap on a toothbrush and then brush it gently on your nails to remove the dirt.

Be Consistent With Your Nails

Trim your nails from time to time just like your hair to avoid snags and breakage.

Consume Vitamin E

It will help in increasing blood circulation and nail growth problems.

Apply Moisturizer

Apply thick moisturizing cream or petroleum jelly on weak and brittle nails to restore moisture.

Always Carry A Nail Filer

Be it your job or gym, carry a nail filer for immediate buffing of rough edges.

Try Gel Treatment

If you have weak nails, try gel treatment as UV light will improve the quality of your nails.

Skip Manicure And Pedicure 

Most of the time the instruments are not sterilized and contain bacteria, virus or fungi.

Avoid Biting Nails

This will make your nails weak and you'll be exposed to germs as well.

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