Russian Ladies!

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Russian Women & Beauty 

Russian women are popular for their natural beauty. Here are a few tips you could take from their beauty regimen.. 

Tip 1: Parsley Water & Cucumber Juice

For a radiant glow, parsley water, and cucumber juice are used separately or as a mixture. 

Tip 2: Natural Face Pack Supremacy!

Salt, olive oil, sour cream, or coffee are used as face packs to gently exfoliate the skin.

Tip 3: Milk For Healthy Hair & Skin

Apart from homemade herb shampoos, they use milk for luscious hair and healthy skin. 

Tip 4: Egg Yolks To Treat Dryness

Russia is cold, so dry skin is inevitable. Egg yolk is used for deep moisturization.

Tip 5:  Beetroot & Raspberry As Tints

Raspberry juice for an attractive pink tint on lips and beetroot juice as cheek blush. 

Tip 6: Visiting Hot Steam Rooms 

For full-body care, Russian women visit banyas (steam rooms) for tender and soft skin. 

Tip 7: Ice For Contouring

Rubbing ice can remove puffiness and accentuate cheekbones. Original facelift!   

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