Salt Baths & Their Many Benefits

Salts like Epsom, Himalayan, organic, and more are very beneficial and help improve immunity.

Salt Baths. What’s The Hype?

Warm salt baths are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

For Better Immunity

These salts contain magnesium which soothes muscle/joint pains and increases energy levels.

Calms Muscles & Energizes The Body

As you transition from warm salt water to cool air, it leads to better sleep.

Good For A Relaxing Sleep

Salts have minerals and other exfoliating properties that promote soft, bright, and youthful skin.

Makes Skin Healthy

A salt bath is recommended for rheumatoid, psoriatic arthritis, and other chronic conditions.

Helps Relieve Chronic Pain

Bathing salts have baking soda that helps get rid of toxic substances from your skin.

Purifying Alkaline

Containing active nutrients, these salts help heal sneezing bouts, and any congestion.

Cures Congestion

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