10 Natural Fruit Face Packs

For Glowing Skin

Papaya And Honey Face Pack

Papaya is rich in vitamin A which helps in enhancing ones complexion

Kiwi And Avocado Face Pack

Avocados are rich in antioxidants that protect your skin from premature ageing

Banana Face Pack

Banana helps clear hyperpigmentation and protects the skin from sun damage

Tomato Face Pack

Tomatoes help in reducing tan and brightening the skin as well

Orange Peel Face Pack

Orange peels are high in antioxidants and vitamin C and helps protect your skin against UV damage

Cucumber And Milk Pack

Cucumbers contains high anti-inflammatory, and rejuvenating properties that helps revive dull and dry skin

Strawberry And Chocolate Pack

Strawberries are rich in essential vitamins and minerals that fights free radicals and delays premature aging

Grapes and Apple Face Pack

Apple contains powerful antioxidants and polyphenols that protect your skin from UV damage

Mango Face Mask

Mango contains antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory effects on your skin

Lemon And Honey Face Pack

This face pack will help you ward off greasy skin and keep your skin bright and glowing

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