How To Step Up

Your Everyday Makeup Game

Your Everyday Makeup Game

The primer creates a smooth base for makeup, and helps it last longer.

Start With A Primer

The foundation helps your skin achieve an even texture, Besides, it also helps conceal redness and marks.

Follow It Up With Foundation

Use a concealer to hide the dark spots. While the foundation helps conceal marks and overall redness, concealers focus on specific spots and helps hide them better.

Cue, Concealer

With a round brush, apply some light blush on the apple of your cheeks.

A Little Blush

Start your eye makeup with a deep brown shade on the crease to add some depth.

Brown Eyeshadow

Pick a lighter eyeshadow shade and apply it along your brow bone for contrast.

Highlight ‘Em

Use mascara to define your eyebrows before applying it to your eyelashes to add volume.

Mascara For Definition

Can’t sign off without adding a smooth swipe of lipstick, can we? And there you have it! The perfect everyday makeup look.

Love, Lipstick

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