Spice Up Your Look

With Pretty Blush Techniques

With Pretty Blush Techniques

Apart from the classic sweep, there is a lot you can do with your blush. Find out how!

Get Creative With Your Blush

A simple stroke of your brush on the apple of your cheeks. Blend smoothly!

The Sweep

Channel the 90s by starting from the side of your cheekbones towards your cheek.

The Side Sculpt

Popular in East Asia, it is applied right under the eyes till the upper cheek.


Make a pout and use the brush back and forth gently against the hollow part.

Highlighting  Cheek bones

Focus only on the center of your cheek for a cute look.

Doll It Up

The 80s were thriving with this over the top, eye to cheek blush look.

Heavy Drape

Just application is not enough. Blend it neatly with a sponge to avoid a botched up look.

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