& Healthy Skin 

Body Care Tips For Moisturized 

Body Care Is As Important As Face Care

Your body needs the same attention that you give to your face, and it includes using the right products. 

How To Do It The Right Way? 

The next slides will take you through some tips to ace body care and avoid skin problems. 

Pat Instead Of Rubbing Post-Shower

Post shower always pat to absorb water and avoid skin-stretching. 

Exfoliate 1 Or 2 Times Weekly

Weekly exfoliation will clean and wake your skin up. 

Moisturize Daily

Apply body lotion or oil to keep your skin supple and nourished.


SPF has to be a sure shot, because UV rays can be damaging to the skin. 

Use Mild Soaps Or Body Wash

Strong chemicals can rip the body of natural oils. Go for gentle, hydrating cleansers instead.

Shave The Right Way

Prep your skin with gel or lotion before using the razor. Soft skin guaranteed!

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