Brides Should Avoid

Makeup Mistakes

Not Getting The Right Foundation

It's important that the shade of foundation matches your skin tone. A mismatch will be particularly visible in photos.

Not Hydrating Your Skin

Make sure you drink plenty of water for your skin to look hydrated and not dull and lifeless.

Not Discussing Your Makeup Look

In order to not be disappointed on your wedding day, discuss your look with your makeup artist. This way you will get what you’re expecting and avoid waste of time and energy.

Don’t Blindly Follow Trends

Get what’s best for you, not what someone else is doing. It’s your day, so bring out the best that will work for you.

Doing Skin Treatments Before Your Wedding Day 

Do not opt for skin treatments, particularly chemical ones before your wedding, in case you experience a bad reaction.

Not Getting The Right Balance

It is best to avoid loud makeup if you are going overboard with your jewellery. Get the right balance with your overall look.

Always Keep A Touch-Up Bag Handy

Weddings are long affairs, so you will have to touch up on your makeup at regular intervals. Keeping a bag handy for this can be a life saver! 

Not Opting For DIY Hacks

DIY natural home remedies are the best option for you so don’t ditch them!

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