Burgundy Lipstick

This Season

6 Ways To Wear

True Burgundy

Looking for sophistication and class? Then True Burgundy is the way to go!


One of the easiest ways to upgrade your burgundy lip look is to combine two shades into one. 

Metallic Twist

Upgrading your burgundy lips with a metallic finish is perfect for the holiday season! 


Not only are ombré lips stunning, but they’re also a sneaky way to create the illusion of fuller-looking lips!


Let’s go back to the classics for a second—we couldn’t leave out matte burgundy lipstick.

Topped With Gloss

After applying your burgundy lipstick of choice, smooth a clear gloss on top for that glossy finish you can never go wrong with!

Burgundy Lipstick For The Win!

A tried and true shade, especially for fall and winter! 

Which One Is Your Favorite?

From classics like matte burgundy lipstick to a trendsetting two-toned lip, it’s hard to choose the best, isn’t it?

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