Are The Cleansing Beads In Face Washes  Clogging Your Pores?

Face washes with cleansing beads claim to be more proficient in eliminating dirt and impurities.

Cleanser With Beads

When a woman took to TikTok to reveal this secret about cleansing beads, people got concerned. Swipe to know what it is.

The Viral Video

The woman’s aesthetician found several cleansing beads stuck to her pores during a facial.

Beads Stuck To Skin Pores?

She urged people to stop using products with cleansing beads and claimed her skin felt lighter after the beads were removed.

What Else Did She Claim?

Ingredients like silicone and paraffin may remain on the face if not cleaned properly, state dermatologists.

What Are Experts Saying?

It’s always best to use non-comedogenic products to prevent clogged pores.

What’s The Solution?

Checking the ingredients list before buying a product is essential.

Check The Ingredients

Steer clear of products with silicones, paraffin, parabens, and carcinogenic profiles.

Which Ingredients To Keep Away From?

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