Deep Cleansing Impurities

 Carbon Peel Facials:

 What Is It?

This laser-based skin treatment is a safe cosmetic process to repair damaged skin and enhance skin’s glow and tone on a deeper level. 

The Process - Step 1

Liquid carbon will be evenly spread on your face and allowed to dry. 

The Process - Step 2

After it dries, your eyes will be covered with shields and a laser will be used in low-energy mode. Helps stick the carbon peel better.

The Process - Step 3

The heating step may be skipped if you have sensitive skin. At a high-energy level, the laser will break down the carbon for better absorption. 

The Process - Step 4

A smoke evaporator is used for the removal of carbon debris. Slap on a hydrating cream and you are set.

Its Benefits

1. It is very effective in treating acne and oily skin issues.

Its Benefits 

2. Boosts collagen production and makes sure that the skin remains youthful and radiant. 

Its Benefits 

3. It penetrates the skin deeply and removes impurities, avoiding any breakout.


Reasonable price & easy to find! 

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