Ever Heard Of Cheese Manicure? Take A Look!

Nails.Inc, A British nail polish company and Velvetta, a cheese brand collaborated to release two cheese-scented nail polishes - Finger Food and La Dolce Velveeta.

Cheesy Nails

The cheese scents show their effect after the coat dries.

Innovative And Yummy Scent

This limited edition range is completely vegan which makes it a worthy cause.

Vegan Approved

If you like to experiment with creative beauty products, this is a great way to flaunt yourself with confidence.

For The Risk Takers

Turns out the swiss cheese design is very aesthetically pleasing for nail art.

Swiss Cheese-Inspired Nail Art

You can go for a realistic yellow cheese, painted damp look.

Go For An Acrylic Look

A minimalist take on nail art for a classy yet sophisticated ‘cheesy’ look.

Or A Simple Two-Coat Stroke

Text: Go ahead and show your love for cheese with a cute ‘cheesy’ manicure.

Are You Game?

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