For Glowing Skin

How To Make Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub 

Coffee And Sugar Benefits 

Coffee tightens, repairs, and leaves a glowing effect on the skin. Meanwhile, sugar is a natural exfoliator. 

Easy-to-make Scrub

This natural scrub is gentle on the skin with nourishing, and glowing results. 


Add 4 tablespoons of ground coffee into the bowl. 


Add 2 spoons of coarse sugar into the bowl of coffee.

Olive Oil

Now add 2 spoons of olive oil to help mix the ingredients.

Mix Until It Turns Into A Paste

For easy application, it is essential to mix thoroughly. 

How To Apply

Massage the paste onto the skin and leave it on until it dries up. Gently rinse with water. 

Say Hola To Glowing Skin!

This scrub gives you radiant, and clear skin. 

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