What Is Collagen And What Affects Its Production?

What Is Collagen And What Affects Its Production?

We are familiar with the importance of collagen for our skin, but is that all there is to it?

A Vital Name In Skincare Segment

Let’s find out what collagen is, its uses, and how it can be boosted.

What Other Purpose Does It Serve?

Collagen is a type of protein found in abundance in our muscles, tendons, bones, and of course, skin.

Introducing Collagen

It forms a framework to hold the body together and give structure to it.

Keeping It Together!

The body starts producing less collagen with age.

As The Days Pass By…

High sugar intake and smoking can cause the collagen levels to deplete by a considerable amount.

Sugar? No Please!

Long hours in the sun can also cause collagen depletion.

Too Much Sun

Add chicken, egg whites, fish, citrus fruits, and beans to help boost collagen production.

Foods That Enhance Collagen Production

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