Facts You Need To Know

Common Hair Oil Myths And

Are You Aware That There Are Many Myths About Hair Oil?

From leaving hair oil overnight to applying it for shinier hair, here are some common hair oil myths that we are all guilty of believing.

One Must Oil The Scalp

Oiling the scalp has no benefits. Dermatologists suggest oiling the hair 4-5 inches from the roots. 

Leave Hair Oil Overnight

There are no added benefits of leaving the hair oil overnight. Just a few hours is enough. 

Hair Oil Stops Hair Fall

Not true. Hair oil cannot stop hair fall or promote re-growth.

Hair Oil Can Make The Hair Grow Thicker, Longer And Darker

Something applied externally cannot make it grow longer or faster.

Hair Oil Works To Remove Dandruff

Not true. One should avoid using oil if having dandruff.

Hair Oil Adds Shine And Luster To Hair 

Not true. Hair oil makes the hair look greasy.

One Should Tie The Hair Tightly After Oiling

Not at all. Tying the hair tightly after oiling can weaken the roots leading to breakage. 

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