Are You Accidentally Worsening Your Dark Spots?

And you must be careful while treating them.

Dark Spots Are A Common Skin Concern

And dark spots keep flaring in spite of care. Let us help!

Nothing Works?

But over-exfoliation damages the skin barrier and worsens spots.

Chemical Peels Help Lighten Spots

However, using too many products can aggravate it.

Skincare Routines Are Helpful

But if you skip moisturizer, it’s all in vain.

You May Use A Skin-lightening Cream

Don’t use it on dark spots as they may irritate the skin.

When Life Gives You Lemons

But sunscreen is forever. Don’t skip it.

Serums And Toners Will Come And Go

Remove it before going to sleep.

Even If Your Makeup Is On Fleek