Stop Making To Avoid Acne

Common Mistakes You Should 

Are You Unintentionally Making Your Skin Acne-prone?

Check out some of the common mistakes we tend to make that can lead to acne.

Washing Your Face Wrong

Your skin looks fresh and clean after a wash, but if you’re scrubbing your face too hard or using the wrong cleanser, it may not be as effective.

Not Drinking Enough Water

If you don’t keep yourself hydrated, your skin will become dry and ultimately break out. Drink at least three liters of water daily.

Using The Same Skincare Products For Ages

Your skin needs extra protection and care as you grow older, so you should switch to products according to your skin type and requirements.

Touching Your Face Often

Each time you touch your face, it secretes more oil onto the skin and ends up accumulating dirt and germs. 

Washing Your Face With Soap

Commercial soaps increase the pH level of your skin (typically 5-7) to the range of 9-11. This makes skin dry & irritable, so soaps & cleansers shouldn’t be used frequently.

Constantly Using Your Phone

Your phone screen is full of bacteria, and sticking to your phone for too long can cause your skin to break out.

 Too Many Hair Products

Believe it or not, using excess hair products (e.g., hair spray) can clog your pores and lead to irritated skin.

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