Darkening Of The Neck: Causes And Treatment

Also known as the black neck, it refers to a condition in which the skin on your neck is darker than the skin surrounding it.

What’s Dark Neck?

Sun exposure, fungal infection, hyperpigmentation, and poor hygiene habits are common causes.

What Causes Dark Neck?

Darkened, thick, velvety skin, often accompanied by itchiness.

Symptoms Of Dark Neck

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How Can Dark Neck Be Treated?

Use creams with retinol and glycolic acid to lighten dark skin.

Glycolic Acid And Retinol

Exfoliate your skin with a chemical peel which has a pH level of 2.0 or more.

Chemical Peels

It exfoliates your skin, sucks away the debris and grime to eliminate hyperpigmentation, and infuses your skin with a moisturizing serum.

Dermal Infusion

It works wonders for skin lightening.

Laser Therapy

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