Cracked Heels

DIY foot scrub for 

Cracked Heels Are Uncomfortable

We all want smooth and soft heels that aren’t cracked and hurting. 

You Don’t Have To Go To A Parlour

Take care of your feet at home with easily accessible ingredients.

Go The Natural Way

 DIY foot scrubs are natural and a great way to heal cracked heels.


Take two tablespoons of oats and grind it coarsely

Brown Sugar

You will need two tablespoons of brown sugar. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel has a soothing effect; you will need about one spoon of aloe vera gel. 

Honey And Lime

Mix all the ingredients with honey and lime

Your Scrub Is Ready!

Start applying the scrub and gently massage your feet. Do this for ten minutes and wash your feet. Repeat regularly for best results.

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