DIY Sheet Masks - Easy And Effective!

Did you know that you can make your own sheet mask?

Sheet Masks - The Popularity

Boil the rice water and let it cool before soaking the dry mask to get bright and supple skin.

Rice Water

Mix a few drops of your Vitamin C face serum, rose water, and essence for glowing skin.

Vitamin C & Rose Water

Using a cucumber water sheet mask can be hydrating, soothing. It is also anti-inflammatory.

Cucumber Water

Good for blemish and acne-free skin, tea tree oil has healing properties.

Tea Tree Oil

Green tea is an antioxidant and seaweed fights aging. This powerhouse of a sheet mask can be nourishing.

Green Tea & Seaweed

Dilute honey and mix it with rosehip seed oil. Soak a dry mask in this and  apply for moisturized skin.

Honey & Rosehip Seed Oil

Aloe vera is hydrating for dry skin and lavender cleanses and balances uneven skin tone.

Aloe Vera Gel & Lavender Oil

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