Shaving And Strawberry Skin

Shaving is fast but sometimes, you might see dark spots after a shave. This is known as strawberry skin.

Does Shaving Cause Strawberry Skin?

Not a skin condition, but those spots are clogged pores caused by settled dirt and oil.

Is It Serious?

Soak your legs or arms in warm water to help cleanse the pores before shaving.


Invest in high-quality razors and keep changing for a smooth shave and avoid redness.

Change Razors Frequently

Dry brush those areas before starting to shave and get rid of dry skin cells or dirt.

Dry Exfoliation

Shaving in the opposite direction will cause surface irritation and cause breakouts.

Shave In The Direction Of Hair Growth

Soaps cause dryness, so choose a hydrating shaving cream.

Use A Shaving Cream

Pat the area instead of rubbing and apply any oil to lock the moisture.

Oiling Post-Shave

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