Will Your Hair Become Thicker If You Shave It?

Shaving is undeniably one of the easiest hair removal methods.

A Smooth Glide

The post-shave feeling of prickly skin may not be ideal.

The Unpleasant Aftermath

It may seem thicker post-shave, but that’s temporary.

Does Shaving Make The Hair Grow Thicker?

Dermatologists say that this change in hair texture stays only for a while.

Not Here To Stay

Razors cannot change your hair’s thickness permanently.

The Texture Remains Unchanged

Lather your skin with shaving cream and shave gently to prevent cuts and pigmentation.

How Should You Shave?

Facial hair is thinner, so shaving it off is not recommended.

Omit The Face

Make sure to moisturize after shaving and tend to nicks and cuts.

Post-Shave Care