Effective Eye Care Tips You Need To Know

Taking care of your eyes can prevent eye diseases as well as vision loss.

Why Is it Important to Take Care of Eyes?

From caring for your eyes at home, to visiting an ophthalmologist, here are some tips.

What To Do

Including fatty fish, vegetables and fruits are a great way to boost your eye health.

Eat A Healthy Balanced Diet

Regular exercise can help control diseases that lead to eye or vision problems.

Get Regular Exercise

While playing sports, or working in a factory it is always advisable to wear protective eyewear.

Wear protective Eyewear

It is important to take breaks while working on a computer or other screens.

Take Regular Breaks

One should closely follow the recommended schedule for cleaning and wearing contacts.

Take Care When Wearing Contacts

Being overweight increases your risk of certain eye diseases.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

To Know About Home Remedies To Take Care Of Your yes