Runny Makeup

 Easy Hacks To Avoid Melting,

 The Sticky Evils Of Makeup

Smudged lipsticks, runny eyeliners, and melting foundations are the main characters in a makeup lover’s worst nightmare.

 Humidity, Moisture, Disaster!

Humid days are the worst, with even long-lasting makeup unable to fulfill their promises.

Mission: No Makeup Mishaps!

A few quick and easy tips will keep you prim and proper for hours!

Makeup Primers To The Rescue

If you have patchy skin, apply a makeup primer first. It helps flatten the skin’s surface so that your makeup lasts longer.

No More Eyeshadow Creases

Before applying eyeshadow, apply an even layer of eyelid primer to your eyelids to avoid eyeshadow creases.

Use Oil-free Concealers

Oil causes concealers to look greasy in humid conditions, so choose oil-free concealers for blemishes and dark circles.

Switch To Liquid Eyeliners

Liquid eyeliners stay put for longer hours than wax-based pencil eyeliners. Besides, they seldom smear!

Matte Over Glossy

Swap your glossy lipsticks with liquid matte lipsticks. They last longer and are usually transfer-proof. 

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