Simple Remedies For Skin Rejuvenation

For glowing skin, follow these easy solutions that you can prep at home.

Homemade Magic

Dry both the fruits’ peels in the sun and mix with milk to make a brightening mask.

Orange & Papaya Peel Mask

Scoop out fresh aloe vera gel and apply for a cooling and glowing effect.

Aloe Vera Gel

Mash a banana and blend it with honey to get blemish-free skin.

Honey & Banana Mask

Grind coffee beans and oatmeal and mix it with milk to make an exfoliating mask.

Coffee & Oatmeal Scrub

Yogurt is hydrating and turmeric adds a brightening glow to the skin.

Yogurt & Turmeric Mask

Lemon juice makes tomato paste smooth for a firm, radiant effect.

Tomato & Lemon Mix

Its rich vitamin content fights free radicals for hydrated and shiny skin.

Apricot Pulp

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