6 Effective Ways

To Treat And Control Gray Hair

To Treat And Control Gray Hair

Also known as white hair, this is very common nowadays and can show up even in one’s twenties.

Is Gray Hair Common?

Smoking, stress, Vitamin B 12 deficiencies are some of the common reasons for gray hair.

What Are The Reasons For Gray hair?

Surprisingly, by making some healthy lifestyle changes one can prevent and even reverse graying. Read to know how.

How Can One Treat Grays

Once you identify the cause, you are in a position to treat it better.

Identify The Cause

Supplements that contain biotin, zinc, selenium and calcium helps prevent premature graying.

Start Taking Supplements

Eating healthy reduces the risk of developing nutritional deficiencies, which in turn prevents graying.

Eat Healthy

Managing stress by practicing Yoga, Meditation etc helps prevent and treat premature graying.

Manage Stress

Exercising regularly not only helps keep you healthy but also helps treat and reverse premature graying.

Exercise Regularly

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