The Alternative To Waxing

Everything About Sugaring,

What Is Sugaring? 

A natural hair removal procedure which is more eco-friendly than waxing and removes body hair quicker. 

What does ‘Sugaring’ paste consist of?

A simple mix of lemon, water, and sugar can make a perfect ‘Sugaring’ paste. 

How Old Is This Hair Removal Technique?

It has been used by Persians since 1900 BC. 

How Is It Better Than Waxing? 

Unlike waxing, sugaring doesn't stick to the skin or causes no irritation.

Benefits Of Sugaring

Now Let’s Uncover The Benefits Of Sugaring

Gives Smooth Skin

The sugaring process is a great exfoliation, it removes dead cells and gives smooth skin. 

Hair Removal Gets Easier

After Sugaring, hair grows back thinner and softer and is easier to remove. 

It’s Less Painful

The Sugaring mix will not stick to living cells and it pulls out only the dead ones and hair, causing less pain. 

Heals Skin Naturally

Sugar can amazingly heal wounds and cuts. 

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