Preventing Ingrown Hair

All You Want To Know About

Exfoliate Often

Exfoliate once a week to prevent the build-up of dead skin cells.

Switch To Hair Removal Creams 

Shaving results in hard ingrown hair. Use hair removal creams instead. 

 Keep Moisturizing 

Use a moisturizer after you remove hair to keep skin hydrated.

Fix Your Shaving Habits 

Wet the skin with warm water and use the best quality blades. 

Don't Forget The Shaving Cream

It will help ensure the blades don't drag and cut.

Shave In The Right Direction

Try and shave in the direction of hair growth.

Avoid Wearing Tight Clothing

It traps sweat in pores and fills bacteria in them.

Don't Pick Ingrown Hair

For removal consult a doctor.

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