Moisturizing Right

Everything You Need To Know About

 Moisturizing Is the Gateway To A Soft and Glowing Skin

If you know how to moisturize your skin the right way, you can have soft and glowing skin in no time!

First, Know Your Skin Type

It is important to know your skin type, so you can select the right moisturizer.

Second, Always Wash Your Face Before Moisturizing

Damp skin absorbs water better and helps trap in the moisturizer, keeping your skin soft and hydrated for hours. 

 Quantity Will Depend On The Type 

How much to use will depend on whether you’re using a lotion or cream.

Follow A Pattern

Apply the moisturizer starting from your T-zone, then your forehead, and lastly on your chin in an outward motion. 

Massage The Moisturizer Into Your Skin

Keep massaging until it is absorbed completely.

Pay Extra Attention To The Area Around Your Eyes

The area around our eyes is delicate. Instead of massaging, use the ring or middle finger to apply the moisturizer there in a dabbing motion. 

Reapply When Needed

If your skin feels dry and stretchy, do not hesitate to moisturize again. 

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