Hair Care Routine

Tips To Amp Up Your Summer

Sun Rays/Heat = Hair Damage

Sun’s rays directly affect the hair cuticle, which leads to discoloration and hair fall. So, to avoid it, here are some summer hair care tips. 

Reduce Hot-Tool Usage

Minimize blow-drying, and avoid flat irons as they will parch hair even more in hot weather. 

Use Headgear While Going Out 

Always carry an umbrella, stole, or hat when you step out under scorching sun rays. 

Moisturizing Hair Products FTW! 

Switch to hydrating and deep-cleansing products to avoid frizz and dirt deposit. 

Weekly Cooling Hair Masks

Treat your hair with cooling hair masks containing aloe vera, sandalwood, coconut, and the like.

Keep It Trimmed

Hair growth is faster in summer, so trim regularly to avoid split ends and avoid greasiness. 

Leave-In Conditioner Before Taking A Dip

Pool or sea, wet your hair a little or prep with leave-in conditioner to reduce chlorine/salt damage. 

Drink Water. A LOT!

Stay hydrated by drinking water and eating fruits, veggies with high water content. 

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