Facial Cleansing Myths You Should Stop Believing

Here are a few myths associated with cleansing that you should steer clear from.

Fact Or Fiction

The temperature of the water does not affect your pores.

Hot & Cold Water Affect Pores

Extra cleansing can, in fact, lead to more breakouts.

Double-Cleansing Is A Must

No. Gel-based facial cleansers actually help balance facial sebum.

Cleansing Is Harmful For Oily-Skin Type

No. Hard scrubbing causes skin tissue damage, so exfoliate gently.

Scrubbing Hard = Better Exfoliation

That’s not true. For healthy skin, moisturizing is absolutely crucial.

Moisturizing After Cleansing Is Not Required

Not really. A facial cleanser nourishes the skin deeply.

Soap Is Enough For Cleansing

Washing your face more than twice daily may cause problems like skin dryness.

Finally, Don’t Overdo It.

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