You Are Making

Face Mask Mistakes

Ignoring Your Skin Type

It is important to select a mask based on your skin type so you can reap the benefits.

Applying With Dirty Hands

Not washing your hands before applying the masks can transfer dirt and germs to your mask.

Not Cleansing Your Face Before Application

By applying a face mask to dirty skin, you will only be accumulating more dirt and bacteria. 

Applying Too Much or Too Little 

Applying too little quantity will not be helpful while applying too much can irritate the skin. 

Leaving Your Mask On For Too Long

By leaving your mask for too long, you will only end up damaging your skin.

You Only Use Masks In Day Time

Masks meant to be worn overnight will not work if used for a couple of hours during the day.

You Don’t Customize Your Mask

If you’re using a sheet mask, the wrong size may lead to bubbles. Use a pair of scissors to cut out extra bits.

You Omit Moisturizing After Masking

If you do not moisturize after masking, it may lead to drying of the skin.

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