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 Fade Skin Blemishes With These

Skin Blemishes

Include skin discoloration, spots, marks on the skin that sometimes take very long to heal. 

Aloe Vera Gel 

Apply aloe vera twice a day, to see the change as it helps lighten blemishes

Whole Fruits Instead Of Juicing

Juicing gets rid of important minerals in fruits, so it is more effective if you eat it raw complete with fiber.

Potato Juice

Starch content in potatoes acts as a bleaching agent and helps get rid of blemishes and skin discoloration. 

Curd For The Win

Eating curd regularly, and applying it mixed with besan on the face, softens and fades blemishes on the skin. 

Coconut Water

It is antimicrobial and helps get rid of excess oil or marks caused by acne or pimples. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is anti-fungal, protects from bacteria, and keeps skin clean from dirt, oil, and breakouts.

 Egg Whites

Rich in protein and amino acids, they keep bacteria at bay and soak up all the excess oil on the skin’s surface. 

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