What Your

Says About You

Favorite Shade Of Lipstick

Red Lipstick

People who wear red lipstick are often seen as glamorous and passionate

Plum Lipstick

Plum lipstick lovers are known for being mysterious and quietly confident

Pink Lipstick

People who like pink lipstick are social and super warm

Black Lipstick

You like living on the edge and are quite the rebel

Brown Lipstick

You are level headed, calm and easy to get along with

Nude Lipstick

People who wear nude lipstick are laid-back, kind and opinionated

Coral Lipstick

You are socially conscious and super effervescent

Blush Lipstick

You are fun-loving, peaceful and super ambitious

Green Lipstick

You’re someone who is a little eccentric and known for being spunky

Glittery Lipstick

You LOOOVE to partaay!

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