Applying Perfume

5 Golden Rules Of 

Many People Love perfumes

Be it buying for yourself or gifting it to someone, many of us love perfumes.

Perfumes Can Make A Style Statement

Just like what you wear matters, your choice of perfume can help you make a style statement. 

But Did You Know The Right Way To Wear It?

Following some golden rules while wearing perfume can help you preserve the integrity of your fragrance. 

Apply Directly On Skin

The warmth of your skin helps start the unraveling process, enabling your scent to express itself.

Apply Just On The Pulse points

The pulse points (neck, clavicle, behind the ears, folds of elbow, and knees) are warm and moist, making them best for perfume application. 

Maintain A Distance While Spraying 

Keeping a distance of 5-7 inches while spraying ensures the right amount of perfume on the skin. 

Spray The Right Quantity

The correct quantity would be 1-2 sprays or 3-4 sprays, depending on the perfume type. 

Do Not Apply On Hair 

Spraying perfume on hair can only result in drying and damaging the hair. 

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