Ditch The Mainstream And Get Creative With Your Eyeliner Game

Try out these trendy eyeliner looks and be the showstopper at your next event.

Be The Head-turner In The Crowd

Take the winged eyeliner up a notch by extending it towards the inner corner of the eyelids in an arrow-like shape.

Arrows On Fleek

Why settle for black when you can choose red? Make a bold fashion statement with this vivid red and white eyeliner look.

Add A Dash Of Color

This swanky look created with vermilion and white eyeliners is perfect for making an instant fashion statement.

A Pop Of White

Transform the classic cat-eye look by making a bold statement with sharp lines on the inner and outer corners of the eye.

Take Cat Eyes Up A Notch

Create a unique look with bright blue eyeliner adorning your eyelids. You can also dye your eyebrows if you're feeling adventurous!

Be Blue

Nothing screams bold like pitch-black eyeliner covering your eyelids in a rectangle. Pair it up with a leather jacket to enhance the look.

Boxy Eyes

Wear eyeliner only on the outer corner of the eyelid and pair it with a subtle shade of eyeshadow. The twist? Add a dash of eyeliner just beneath the eyebrow and finish the look off with some chunky glitter.

Minimalism With A Twist

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