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Glossy & Healthy Nails For A

Share Some TLC For Your Nails 

Show your nails some love to avoid expensive manicures and get a gorgeous look. Find out how.

Apply Rose Water

Its antioxidant properties help moisturize deeply and keep your nails healthy. 

Olive Oil

Massage lukewarm olive oil for about 15 minutes to nourish cuticles and  get shiny nails.

Slice Of Cucumber 

This natural, hydrating vegetable can restore the shine of your nails in no time. 

 Rub Lemon Juice 

To get rid of dullness or the yellowish tint, apply lemon juice for a week at least to see results.

Trim Your Nails From Time To Time 

Trimming long nails will avoid breakage and keep them clean without any dirt accumulation.

Get Rid Of Your Nail-biting Habit 

Don’t pull your cuticles, or bite your nails. It will damage your nails. 

Diet On Priority

Consume food rich in zinc, calcium, iron, and other vitamins for shiny and healthy nails. 

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